CABFEST is San Francisco’s premier wine festival celebrating Cabernet Sauvignon combining the perfect blend of winemakers, local artisan chefs, and the community. The opening night features exclusive dinners hosted by winemakers accompanied by a 4-course dinner pairing that showcases the depth of the hand-selected wine in an intimate setting. The Grand Tasting event will feature wines at the stunning Westfield Under the Dome space- one of San Francisco’s most pursued and chic venues. Supporting events will emphasize the glamour and prestige that surrounds the grape and the city, featuring breathtaking experiences at the Opening Night at Club Fugazi.

Wine enthusiasts will be given a signature glass upon entering into the all-inclusive pours of Cab Franc’s, Cabernet blends, and the exquisite full-bodied Cadillac of wines, Cabernet Sauvignon. This lavish community atmosphere feels like a reunion of friends and family. Cabfest promises; a wine festival that centered around the character of the wine and people who produce it.

Our proceeds will benefit our non-profit partner, Eat. Learn. Play. Founded in 2019, Eat. Learn. Play. seeks to unleash the potential of every child and pave the way for amazing kids and bright futures. Rooted in three of the most vital pillars for a healthy childhood—nutrition, education, and physical activity—Eat. Learn. Play. is working to ensure that every child in Oakland has access to the nutritious food they need to be healthy and thrive, resources to become better readers, and safe places and equitable opportunities to play. The organization, which is anchored around the message that children are our future, is committed to developing partnerships and initiatives that make a positive impact for generations to come.